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To be sung on the water - works by Tartini and Crockett
(with Ronald Copes, viola)
ECM New Series 1871 (released 2006). "Selection," Strad Magazine.

Elogio per un’ ombra – works by Tartini, Berio, Carter, Dallapiccola, Petrassi, and Rochberg (with Thomas Larcher, piano)
ECM New Series 1712 (released 2000).
“Choc,” Le Monde de la Musique.

Caoine – works by Biber, Hartke, Reger, Rochberg, and Bach
ECM New Series 1587 (released 1997).

Michelle Makarski – works by Cage, Harbison, Hartke, and Wyner (with Ronald Copes, violin, and Brent McMunn, piano)
New World Records 80391-2 (released 1991).



Stephen Hartke: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra “Auld Swaara” (with Riverside Symphony, George Rothman, conductor)
New World Records 80533-2 (released 1998).

Keith Jarrett: Elegy for Violin and String Orchestra and Sonata for Violin and Piano (in CD, Bridge of Light, with Fairfield Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Crawford, conductor)
ECM New Series 1450 (released 1994).



Stephen Hartke: Tituli (with the Hilliard Ensemble, Lynn Vartan & Javier Diaz, percussion, and Donald Crockett, conductor)
ECM New Series 1861 (released 2003).

From the Green Hill – Music by Tomasz Stanko (with Tomasz Stanko, Dino Saluzzi, John Surman, Anders Jormin, Jon Christensen)
ECM New Series 1680 (released 1999).
Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik Jazz Album of the Year – 2000.


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